With the release of Thor, Marvel fans received an answer to a question that has been asked for the last three years: who is the villain in The Avengers? Those that were smart enough to stay until after the end of the credits - who doesn't know to do this by this point? - watched the Easter Egg featuring Colonel Nick Fury and Dr. Erik Selvig and discovered that Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, will serve as the next summer's primary villain. But just because he is the man on top doesn't necessarily mean he's the only one, and Latino Review thinks that they may have found out about another.

SPOILER WARNING: This may end up being a huge plot point in The Avengers, so if you don't want to know, turn back now.

According to an unnamed source, the character known as Thanos may also play an important role in the ultimate superhero team-up movie. An alien from the Saturn moon known as Titan, Thanos has a wide array of powers, including super strength, telekinesis, energy manipulation and teleportation. One of the characters' most famous storylines involved him collecting all six Infinity Gems - precious stones that when collected together give the possessor God-like powers - and wearing what was called the Infinity Gauntlet. Fans at last year's Comic Con may remember that the Infinity Gauntlet was actually on display in the Convention Center Exhibition Hall.

While this story should definitely been treated as rumor, I actually see how Thanos could work into the story. At the end of Thor Loki is looking to take control of the Cosmic Cube, a device that allows the beholder to bend reality. If he does take control of it, how do The Avengers fight back? That's where the Infinity Gauntlet can come into play. At this point everything we hear about The Avengers is going to be hearsay, so until word comes down directly from Marvel or Disney you should stay skeptical.

For those curious what the Infinity Gauntlet looks like, here's the model that was on display at Comic Con:

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