In the first hard piece of casting news from camp McClane, IESB reports that Justin Long of Jeepers Creepers and Dodgeball fame/infamy (please delete as appropriate) is currently in the final stages of negotiations to play alongside Bruce Willis in Die Hard: Reset, as it is now entitled.

When directly questioned he would neither confirm or deny his involvement but did confirm that Len Wiseman is on board as director. We won't have long to wait 'til we can chalk this one up though, as an official announcement is expected soon.

Exactly what character he will be playing will be clear to anyone keeping track, but what version of said character is still anyone's guess. What is certain is that his role is that of a young convicted computer hacker enlisted by McClane to help bring down some digital terrorists. The naughty little haxorz intend on a three tier plan to bring the world back to a modern Dark Ages, firstly targeting day to day operations like traffic systems, then moving on to economic targets like banks & stock markets before topping it all off by destroying basic utilities like electricity and the water supply.

Since the script has been going through the re-write mill though, it is still unclear if the character will be, as originally rumoured, John Jr. Apparently the latest version of the script, which also reportedly removed a New Orleans disaster, does not link the two by relation.

Do we want a buddy cop father/son movie?

Die Hard 4: The Last Crusade anyone?

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