I don’t know about all of you, but I stopped visiting KongIsKing.net about five minutes after Peter Jackson’s monkey movie came out. Luckily, Wyverex over at FilmRot didn’t. He’s discovered a report from them that indicates the Lord of the Rings trilogy may be on its way back to theaters. No, they aren’t doing a remake. At least not yet.

Instead, the films may be redone and re-released using the 3-D technology being applied to the 3-Dimensional version of Nightmare Before Christmas that’s due out later this year. James Cameron hinted at it in an interview in which he says, “Peter Jackson is a 3-D freak like me and he's been experimenting with footage from King Kong. He and I also talked about the feasibility of doing the three LOTR films.”

I’ve seen a little bit of what James Cameron can do with 3-D via his underwater documentaries, and if the process works half as well on classic films then this sounds fantastic. Why not do it? This isn’t like Lucas fundamentally changing the story of his films and then shoving them back out into theaters. This is just Hollywood giving movie fans a chance to see their favorite movies in the best possible presentation. We’ll get a little bit better picture of whether or not this is worthwhile once Nightmare 3D comes out, but as technology progresses why not give us all a chance to see classic films in whatever is the new optimum movie watching format? This is the kind of thing that will get people back into theaters and away from their home theater setups. Got 3-D at home? Thought not. Let’s go watch some Hobbits.

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