The last time Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof took a job writing an original sci-fi story for a studio, it was wrapped into the script that became Prometheus, the Ridley Scott-directed not-quite-Alien-prequel currently shooting. Now Lindelof is taking a similar job for Disney, though there's no indication that the script will somehow be turned into Tron 3 or Race to Witch Mountain: The Beginnings. According to Deadline the studio has brought Lindelof on to write "an original large-scale science fiction feature film" that they also describe trying to "play to a family audience." Beyond the code name 1952, they could pry out any details-- and no, neither 19 nor 52 is one of the "numbers" on Lost so there's no apparent reference there.

The best part for geeky fans of Lindelof's work is that 1952 won't get in the way of the Star Trek sequel, which Lindelof has been helping write along with Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman. As we learned late last month the team has cooked up a 70-page outline that only needs the go-ahead from J.J. Abrams before they turn it into a real script and get ready to shoot it. The problem all this time has been that Abrams is hard at work on Super 8, though with that movie opening Friday we're all hoping that Abrams will finally be ready to move forward. Deadline's speculating as much, as least, suggesting that Lindelof will be busy with Trek 2 throughout the summer, then will turn to whatever he's cooking up for Disney on his own.

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