Of the two famous Lost showrunners, Damon Lindelof is the one who's had the most public success at the movies, having co-written the first Star Trek and part of the team for the sequel, plus writing the script for Prometheus, the Ridley Scott sci-fi project that isn't an Alien prequel, no matter what you heard. But now it's time for the other half of Lost's notorious duo to get into the screenwriting game. According to Deadline, Carlton Cuse will be writing an action-adventure film for Fox, with Shawn Levy on board to direct and Hugh Jackman to star.

Levy and Jackman also collaborated on the robot boxing movie Real Steel, and even though Jackman is about to reunite with his pal Darren Aronofsky to star in The Wolverine, he's apparently anxious for a Levy reunion as well. There are no further details on what the action adventure story might entail, but given that Cuse did some uncredited work on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade back in the day-- and helped create all of those fantastic Lost escape scenes-- there's plenty reason to be excited. Deadline describes the film as a "potential tent pole," so keep an eye on Real Steel's performance this fall to see just how big this project might be.

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