For whatever reason 20th Century Fox has decided to release an X-Men: First Class trailer in Russia that's far more epic, and includes way more footage, than anything we've seen for English-speaking audiences. The new trailer, which you can watch below, is entirely in Russian and therefore somewhat impossible to understand, but it contains so many new glimpses at characters and scenes that it's well worth a watch anyway. Take a look below.

The beginning takes the same format as the domestic trailer we saw last month, introducing Xavier and Charles and how they teamed up. But later on in the action scenes we see all kinds of things, including Nicholas Hoult transforming into Beast, January Jones transforming as Emma Frost, and Caleb Landry's Banshee producing his sonic scream. I'll rely on the true X-Men fans in the comments to point out all the other neat stuff I missed. X-Men: First Class hits theaters on June 3rd; you can learn lots more about it in our Blend Film Database, and cross those fingers for an English version of this great trailer soon.

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