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This isn’t exactly news. Presumably this service has been around for awhile but I’ve just stumbled on it and it’s simply too pathetic not to comment on it. Ever wanted to meet a celebrity? Now you can have the next best thing with Hollywood Is Calling! If you tune into Blendcast this week you’ll hear the boys talk about the most sad, bizarre service this side of the D-list. Apparently there’s a place on the internet where you can actually force D-list celebrities to amuse your friends with random phone calls.

It wouldn’t be quite so humiliating if say, they got a couple hundred bucks for it. But for the low, low price of $19.95 you can get a phone call from the Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno or prank your friends by throwing a couple of ten’s in the direction of Saved By the Bell’s Mr. Belding. It’s barely a step above scrabbling around in the gutter for loose change which, frankly, sort of takes the fun out of it. How do you use this service without feeling bad about what’s happened to your favorite celebrities? Scratch that, I think it’s impossible to feel bad for Lorenzo Lamas.

The list of pseudo celebrities available to do your bidding is massive and includes the likes of Different Strokes star Todd Bridges, Buck Rogers sexpot Erin Gray, venerable Star Trek actor and former godlike Q John de Lancie, along with the aforementioned Saved by the Bell principal Dennis Haskins and formerly green Ferrigno. Try out the service here or just bookmark it in case one of your kids decides he wants to be an actor. I can’t think of a better way to talk them out of it.

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