I still have a hard time picturing exactly how an Avengers movie will play out. There's so many stars to line up-- Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, either Edward Norton or Eric Bana (though, come on, probably Edward Norton), and whoever winds up playing Captain America and Ant-Man-- and so many director egos to deal with. Jon Favreau has already ruled out directing the film, but Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier is still blatantly gunning for the job.

Talking to MTV Leterrier said "I hope they don't find a director before I'm available, because I'd love to take a crack at [Avengers]. It's just an amazing universe, and to have everybody involved..." In an interesting sign of humility, though, Leterrier admitted he probably shouldn't be the first choice: "Jon Favreau would've been the best director to do this thing, but now that he's a producing, I'd love to be able to work with him and continue what I started with Hulk and what he started with 'Iron Man' and we do it together and continue that universe."

Leterrier has Clash of the Titans coming out this spring, of course, and that movie's giant cast and extensive effects may be the best audition possible for the Avengers job. But he'll have competition once the Thor and Captain America movies-- and presumably Ant-Man at some point?-- get going. If Kenneth Branagh, say, turns in a great Thor, he might be a better bet than the Transporter guy. But if Leterrier wants to keep fighting for it, it probably won't hurt his chances.

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