Louis Leterrier, quite possibly the world's friendliest Frenchman in addition to being the director of The Incredible Hulk and the upcoming Clash of the Titans, has made it clear for months now that he'd really, really like to direct The Avengers in case anyone feels like giving him the job. He recently confirmed that he's on the shortlist for the job, so now to give himself an edge he's back on the case while promoting Clash.

Leterrier told MTV a bit about his ideas for the film, which "all starts with the ensemble. You have to find the way to enter the movie through the cast." Pretty obvious, really, especially given that The Avengers would consist of actors cast for other superhero films, all assembled for a monster project that, at this point, still doesn't seem all that feasible. Would you want to be the guy to tell Robert Downey Jr. and Ed Norton that they have to take a backseat to Chris Hemsworth for this one scene?

It honestly seems pretty unlikely that Leterrier will get the job, since even he admits that he's "at the bottom of the shortlist" for Avengers. But hey, more power to the guy for going after what he wants-- even if that means we constantly have to report on director possibilities that will never happen.

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