It's been nearly a year since Shia LaBeouf torpedoed D.J. Caruso's plans to adapt Y: The Last Man by dropping out. We haven't heard much about it since then, and Caruso signed on to direct I Am Number Four back in January. That's usually the time a planned adaptation dies quietly, but one particularly optimistic Frenchman may be the savior this time.

Latino Review's Spanglish-heavy scooper Pinche Taco claims that Louis Leterrier is interested in the story, about a young man who is the only male survivor when a virus knocks out every species with a Y chromosome on the planet. Leterrier has recently been pitching himself as the director for The Avengers, but I think we all know he's unlikely to get that job. Depending on how Clash of the Titans performs, Leterrier could be in a position to pick a passion project, and if Y: The Last Man is what he really wants, he might be able to make it happen.

We'll surely have to wait until Clash opens to know for sure if this is happening, but Y fans, speak up: is the director of The Incredible Hulk the guy you want to be handling this movie?

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