If you suffered through the trailer adulterated by Entertainment Tonight and found yourself dying to see more from Love and Other Drugs, look no further! The actual trailer, sans voiceover or stupid graphics, has debuted at Apple, and you can watch it embedded below. It basically fulfills all the promise it showed earlier, with Jake Gyllenhaal looking appropriately sleazy and charming as a pharmaceutical rep, and Anne Hathaway appealing as ever as a woman he falls in love with.

The movie looks breezy and romantic, which might explain why they seem to be hiding a central fact of Hathaway's character-- she has Parkinson's Disease. It doesn't seem like Love and Other Drugs is secretly a movie about Tragic Diseases and Living Life to the Fullest, so the trailer isn't misleading, exactly, but it would be nice if they were up front about what is probably a major element of the story.

Then again, it's a first trailer and there's plenty of time for that more serious stuff, especially if they're angling to get Hathaway a second Oscar nod (the November 24 release date certainly suggests that's the case). Check out the trailer below, enjoy all the good things about it, and look forward with me to learning more about this movie as the release date gets closer.

Watch in HD at Apple.com

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