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The man in the lumberjack shirt is not happy with a certain Chicago based advertising company with the name Skywalker Outdoor, who owns and operates billboards in the Chicago area. Skywalker Outdoor CEO, Michael Richards, refuses to comment. Do you know depressed I was to learn that this is not the same Michael Richards of Seinfeld fame?

The Chicago Tribune says lawyers from the Lucas camp are making the claim that this is a direct trademark infringement of their property of the same namesake, which is a logical argument. It is reported that the suit calls for immediate termination of using the name Skywalker.

The trademark infringement suit says the two companies came to a resolution in 2007 that stated that the Skywalker Outdoor Company must immediately cease using the Skywalker terminology by Dec. 31, 2008. The suit goes on to say that Skywalker reneged; with the billboard company claiming the executive who signed the agreement had no authority to do so.

The suit seeks unspecified monetary damages and asks the court to prohibit Skywalker Outdoor from using the term Skywalker. We know Lucasfilm was hit hard in these economic times and the monetary powerhouse that is Skywalker Outdoor Billboards, is probably to blame. I, for one, demand justice.