I understand that as a 20-something male I am not the target demographic, but is there any sub-genre more insulting than the wedding-centered romantic comedy? As Katey touched on earlier today with the trailer for Leap Year, reducing women to wedding-crazed nut jobs is not only stupid, but kind of insulting (even us menfolk can see that). Because of repeated success, however, we won't see the end of them any time soon, and now we have another one coming down the chute.

According to Variety, director Luke Greenfield has signed on to Something Borrowed, written by newcomer Jennie Urman. In the film, a female attorney begins to fall for her best friend's fiance and is forced to "decide between a life-long friend and the man of her dreams." (That is a real quote from the article.)

Remember when this was called My Best Friend's Wedding? Or The Wedding Planner? Or 27 Dresses? Or Made of Honor? How about the other 50 titles that have already done this exact same story? Let me give you a super-special look at the script for the pun-tasticly titled Something Borrowed:

Girl 1: I'm successful and work hard, and though my friends tell me I need a man in my life, I just don't have time.

(Enter Girl 2 and Guy)

Girl 2: Hey Girl 1, I'm getting engaged, and this is my fiance.

Guy: Hello.

Girl 1: (internal monologue) Guy is so dreamy that I am going to forget about everything that has fulfilled my life up to this point so I can be with a guy who may be the one for me, even if it means trading an important friendship for a 50% divorce rate.

(Fast forward to wedding day)

Girl 1: Hey Guy, I know you are marrying my best friend, but do you want to marry me instead?

Guy: Well, I'm just a good looking guy placed in this movie to attract an even bigger female audience, so it doesn't really matter what I say. I'll go with yes.

Girl 1: Can you ever forgive me, Girl 2?

Girl 2: Our friendship is too strong to be torn apart by some guy.

Girl 1, Girl 2 (in unison): GIRL POWER!

(roll credits)

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