A couple weeks ago, I spoke with Aaron Johnson about the prospects of Kick-Ass 2. He said that it was all in the hands of director Matthew Vaughn, who is currently busy with X-Men: First Class. A couple days later, Chloe Moretz said that everything we've heard about progress on the second film has been rumor. Needless to say, things aren't looking too hot for the amateur superhero sequel, but now Lyndsy Fonseca, who played Katie Deauxma in the film, is driving the stake even further into the project's heart. MTV really caught up with the actress, who is promoting her new series Nikita, and when asked about the project's future, she didn't seem to confident. According to Fonseca, because everyone is busy with other projects, it will likely be a little while until we see another Kick-Ass. She also drove home the point that the source material is not yet ready, as we are still waiting for the first issue of the second comic series to begin.

All of it's pretty much confirmation of what we've been hearing, and as a fan of the first film, it's wholly depressing. As much as fans may argue, the film simply didn't make as much money as it was supposed to and it will be hard enough for the movie to find investors. Buy the film on DVD/Blu-ray, enjoy the hell out of in, and simply think of Kick-Ass: Balls To The Wall as the comic equivalent of the Arrested Development movie.

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