My review of MacGruber at SXSW in March was decidedly mixed and I think these new clips do a pretty good job of illustrating what was wrong. The thing is, none of the scenes you’re about to see are particularly funny in the context of the film. Yet here, even though I’ve already seen them, I laughed my ass off. The difference? Each clip is punctuated by that hilarious, exploding “MacGruber” stinger used in the SNL sketches. In the movie, it’s never used. Not even once.

MacGruber is absolute genius in short doses like this and in a movie, he’s just sort of funny. The thing that makes these clips so hilarious is where they stop, they’ve been cut perfectly, but in the context of the movie these scenes don’t end they just keep going on and on and on. Watch MacGruber as he’s meant to be seen, in sixty-second bursts, below:

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