Robert Rodriguez is known for two things in his filmmaking: he can stretch small budgets a mile and he works tremendously fast. It probably helps that he's dedicated to shooting digital. Despite his track record, however, it's taken him more than a year to complete his newest film: Machete.

Due out in less than a month , Rodriguez tweeted tonight that Machete has officially been completed, saying, "Just finished MACHETE!!!! Can't wait for you to see it. Get ready..." It originally began shooting in late July 2009 with Ethan Maniquis as co-director. The film, which stars Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert DeNiro, Lindsey Lohan and Steven Seagal is set to hit theaters on September 3rd.

It's likely that what slowed production was the making of Predators in between, but with a second director on board it's strange that Machete is only finishing now. Rodriguez still has Sin City 2, Spy Kids 4, Nerveracker, and, possibly, the Deadpool movie on his plate, let's hope he hasn't lost his gift for speed.

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