If you enjoyed Grindhouse (and really there’s no reason for you not to), you probably walked out of it saying, “Man, I hope they make those fake trailers into real movies.” Well your wish is finally coming true thanks to the mad Texican Robert Rodriguez spending the last year putting together Machete.

Having independently financed the film, Rodriguez recently began looking for distribution of his latest throwback slasher, and landed six studios on the hook; The Weinstein Company, Paramount, Sony, Lionsgate, Warner Bros, and Fox. After Rodriguez’ agent Robert Newman announced to potential buyers the terms of the purchase ($9 million up front and 10-12% on the back end) the herd was trimmed to just Paramount and Fox who both shrank from the offer when Newman changed the terms, raising the percentage even higher than the already unusually high 12%.

Deadline Hollywood announced that Fox hung around because they have another Rodriguez production on the way to the big screen in the form of Predators, which wrapped principle photography about a month ago. The real question after the announcement was why The Weinstein Company, who put out the original Grindhouse in 2007, didn’t step up to the plate to keep that relationship with Rodriguez alive. Of course with their monetary woes over the past year it’s easy to say that they couldn’t come up with the $9 million up front, but this blogger suspects it may also have to do with Grindhouse’s relatively shitty box office receipts.

Machete will be released on April 16, 2010, hopefully very wide so it can get as much money as possible and give Eli Roth the push to make Thanksgiving, which he’s already said he’s very interested in doing.

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