In Machine Gun Preacher Gerard Butler plays Sam Childers, a former drug dealer and gang biker. After finding God and changing his ways, Childers moves to Sudan where he fights to save and protect children from the Lord's Resistance Army, which forced kids into service. The truth is, however, that I really didn't just need to tell you all that. Just taking one look at the new poster, courtesy of IMDb, tells you absolutely everything you need to know about the film.

One thing that has concerned me about this film is the religious element (I'm not a big fan of evangelicalism of any kind), but I actually appreciate how this poster seems to downplay it. The title has "preacher" in it, the official synopsis talks about the influence of God and the real-life Sam Childers is born again, but Butler isn't so much as wearing a cross in this one-sheet. A movie like this has the ability to be powerful without an underlying message of "everyone needs to be Christian," so hopefully director Marc Foster has equally done the same with the final cut.

Check out the poster below or full size over on IMDb.

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