Yesterday we told you about Mad Max 4: Fury Road invading New South Wales in August 2010 with its $100 million dollar budget. Now, you can get some details straight from the man behind the Mad Max series, director George Miller.

In a video from Australia’s ABC News (via AICN), Miller gives you a look at what seems to be a prototype of one of Max’s most memorable cars, the Pursuit Special also known as The Interceptor. Miller explains the final cars must be high performance vehicles and very safe. He goes on to explain, “The reason this movie’s so big, it’s got just a huge number of stunts and we’re trying to do stuff that I believe people haven’t done before.” Due to these high standards, Miller expects it’ll take at least a year for the cars to be built.

After the car talk, the video moves into press conference mode during which Miller addresses the much buzzed about casting rumors. Miller says he’s still in the midst of the rigorous casting process and no decisions have been made. At the tail end of the video, Miller enlightens us on the downtrodden Australian film industry and what he attributes the problem to.

Watch the entire ABC broadcast below:

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