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Last month there was a big question surrounding the future of Taken 2. as it was unknown if star Liam Neeson would be available to reprise his role as Bryan Mills. Neeson and producer Luc Besson were eventually able to work something out, but what about the proverbial title character? She'll be back too.

Deadline says that Maggie Grace, who played the kidnapped teenage daughter in the first film, has signed for the sequel. As was previously rumored, the site also confirms that Olivier Megaton, best known for directing the Besson-produced Transporter 3, has signed on as the director. Plot details are scarce at the moment, but the film is scheduled to go into production at the end of this year of beginning of next.

While I'm always happy to see actors and actresses return for sequels and maintain continuity, but I just hope that they don't have Grace's character kidnapped again. Let's hope the writers learned a lesson from the first two seasons of 24: a young girl named Kim getting taken against her will once is full of tension, but a young girl named Kim getting taken against her will twice is stupid.