Somehow, this Elmore Leonard adaptation was not a hit, despite being one of the funniest and most surprising crime films of the nineties. It even boasted one of those shared-universe thingies that the comic book movies are so into, with Michael Keaton's Ray Nicolette walking right out of Jackie Brown and into this world. George Clooney's Jack Foley later shows up in Leonard's book Road Dogs, but adapting that material loses the sterling supporting cast, including Jennifer Lopez' Karen Sisco. Clooney's never been cooler than when he was Foley: let him work with this material again.

Who Should Direct? Clooney's directing career has gone stale: The Ides Of March acted like corrupt politics were some new 21st century concept, while Monuments Men was roughly a feature-length lecture. Why not let him have some fun for the first time in awhile, and let him work with Leonard's material?

Gina Carano didn't make it as a big-screen action star, though it was not for lack of trying on Soderbergh's part. The original, swanky should-be action classic Haywire found Carano's vengeful Mallory Kane taking down an entire A-List of leading men without breaking a sweat. While people didn't show up in theaters, maybe they'll pop in for a straight-to-DVD series of films centered around the angriest ex-government agent in the world?

Who Should Direct? John Stockwell worked with Carano in this week's In The Blood, which properly showcases Carano's leading lady appeal as a principled and dedicated action hero in the vein of Van Damme or Seagal. Why not keep bringing his attention-grabbing visuals and penchant for exotic filming locations to Carano punch-outs?

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