Again, another sequel idea that, for a time, had legs: Soderbergh long ago considered returning to the story of The Limey, where grizzled ex-con Wilson (Terrence Stamp) marches out of prison and into Los Angeles, where nefarious forces know the truth about his missing daughter. It was also rumored that Michael Caine would co-star, and the duo together are maximum cockney. But why not take it a step further? Wilson and his new friend, Jack Carter (Caine) have to race to find Wilson's wayward son before a drug-dealing porn producer and his lackeys gets their hands on him. Stamp claims he's written a sequel: maybe he's not opposed to giving it a Caine injection.

Who Should Direct? Returning to his criminal underground roots, have Matthew Vaughn take on this potential crime epic.

So, we can't go back to join the Ocean's gang, given the passing of the beloved Bernie Mac. So why not take it in the other direction? Yes, it contradicts continuity to assume that Danny Ocean and his crew of thieves were all schoolyard friends. But do you really care? How cute would it be to see fifth grader Linus struggling to get a spot at the lunch table next to ninth grader Danny, or Basher concocting a spitball apparatus to launch at teachers?

Who Should Direct? Lisa Cholodenko nailed the fractured-family vibe in The Kids Are Alright and was even in talks for Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Let her handle the kids stuff here, and maybe, finally, she can give Tess something to do.

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