One of those stars, of course, being the great Steve Buscemi, who also had previous experience working with the director on the NBC series 30 Rock. Most recently, the veteran character actor has been more closely associated with the world of drama, starring on HBO’s gangster series Boardwalk Empire, but The Incredible Burt Wonderstone not only brings him back to lighter fare, it also has allowed him to exercise his improvisation muscle.

“I never did improv professionally, but that was certainly in my training as an actor,” Buscemi said. “I like it. Actually, when I did theater, I used to have a partner, and that was the way we used to write a lot of our sketches, through improvisation. So it’s something I feel comfortable with, and when you have somebody like Steve [Carell], he really listens. He really plays off of the person he’s improving with. It’s a nice give and take.”

Even though he wasn’t on set the day we visited, Jim Carrey was also the recipient of much praise. Playing the central antagonist role, the star’s performance has already earned rave reviews from his co-workers, who were all not only impressed with his incredible skill as a comedian, but also his tireless work ethic.

“Whatever is called for in the movie you will find in his performance,” Carell said of Carrey, who he worked with previously on both Horton Hears a Who and Bruce Almighty. “He was doing things -- physical things -- that didn't seem human to me and he was doing them in a practical manner with no special effects. It was all him. It was all just his own commitment to the part.”

“To be with him and witness the process is such an extraordinary thing,” Wilde added when we spoke with her. “He is a perfectionist. He is so incredibly physical, and in control of his physical comedy. It’s like watching a dancer. It’s amazing. He’s always at 100%. He has incredibly high standards for himself and it’s wonderful to watch him reach them.”

Ultimately, bringing together some of the biggest comedy stars on the planet, building a brilliant supporting cast, and working from a clever script set in the bizarre world of magic, what does the director want The Incredible Burt Wonderstone to be? Said Scardino, “It's a redemption story, it's got a lot of heart, it's about a guy who's lost his way and finds his way back. But at the same time, it's a broad comedy, and I think we get away with it because it's set in a broad world. It's a world that's painted with a fairly broad brush. It's magic.”

Stay tuned for our full interviews with the cast and crew coming up, scope out the three brand new images below, and find out more about the film in our Blend Film Database.

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