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Malin Akerman has been on the up and up the past few years doing some nice supporting work in the surprisingly funny The Proposal and kicking healthy amounts of ass in 2009’s Watchmen. It’s safe to say that Akerman is an actor to watch out for in the coming years, as she’s proven that she not only has range but also has talent.

That said, she’ll be joining Ethan Hawke in The Numbers Station, a CIA thriller about the pair, Hawke an agent, Akerman under his protection, living in the middle of the desert when they’re attacked. By whom? We don’t know yet. The film is fronted by Danish director Kasper Barfoed, whose most recent film is The Candidate, which you didn’t see unless you were at the Cleveland International Film Festival last year (that’s a thing?).

This news comes via Variety. As both of the mentioned actors are currently busy, the film is not set to hit production until early next year.

PS. As a film blogger, I solemnly swear you’ll never see me use words like “skedded” or “thesp” unlike that “professional” publication this story came from.