Hot on the heels of the poster that debuted earlier today, we've got the first trailer for Man on a Ledge, which also perfectly fulfills the promise of the trailer. Unlike the poster, though, which focused entirely on Sam Worthington's character as he stands with the city at his feet, the trailer has room for a lot more plot-- there's a bank heist going on here!-- and the expansive cast, which includes Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Ball, Kyra Sedgwick and Ed Harris. It's a cast so big that Anthony Mackie is on the poster and I couldn't spot him once in the trailer. See if you can find him below.

When you've got a big cast of famous people shouting things like "This is my negotiation!" and "I am an innocent man!" you have to hope you're in for some good, cheesy fun. The release date of January 13 suggests Man on a Ledge won't be much more than that-- that's usually when studios put out the movies that couldn't possibly succeed any other time-- but the wild card here is director Asger Leth, whose previous film is the acclaimed documentary Ghosts of Cite Soleil. His past work isn't enough to judge one way or another how the film will turn out, but he's definitely not an established hack, which gives me hope that Man on a Ledge might have room to surprise. Sure, the movie appears to be exactly what the title promises--but it's still possible for the movie to offer more than we expect.

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