2. It’s possible this is heavy with flashbacks.
The one thing that leads me to believe Snyder and his team wouldn’t dare simply retell the origin story, as laid out by Donner nearly 35 years ago, occurs at the 59-second mark of the trailer. Older Clark, played by Henry Cavill, watches a school bus drive past him as he hides out in a seaside town. I’m holding on to hope that we start with Superman in a state of identity crisis, trying to figure out where he fits in on a planet filled with mortals. But things he routinely witnesses call to mind brief flashbacks to his upbringing – things like the schoolbus, or a quick dip into the water (which we also see of Cavill). It’s possible what Snyder is showing us for the first two thirds of this clip are really just brief segments of his overall film. Because The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb will tell you how receptive superhero fans are when they’re asked to sit through a character’s origin story again (Hint: They’re not receptive at all).

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