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Mandy Moore started her career as a bubblegum pop princess, and has spent the last ten years or so moving away from that, going back to her natural brown hair, starring in indies like Dedication, and marrying Ryan Adams. But now that she's older, she's going right back where she started, with plans to play Rapunzel in Disney's 3D-animated version of the classic fairy tale.

Moore recently talked to Empire a little bit about her plans for the character.

"She's sort of the quintessential sassy, feisty Disney heroine. She's quite modern, quite a curious girl as well. She's just coming into her own and is anxious to figure out a way to see the world around her that she's been kept away from for so many years."

I pretty much expected that Disney would vary the film from its roots as a simple rescue story, but it's refreshing to hear it straight from Moore as well. I like Mandy Moore a whole lot despite the fact that most of her filmography is crap, and if she's gonna be a Disney princess, I want it to be a good one.

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