Right now it feels like Moneyball will always be "that movie that they kicked Steven Soderbergh off of," especially since they've yet to hire a director, 4 months after deciding to keep the project going without him. According to THR, they've got two guys in mind to take this project forward at last, and on the surface they could be more different. In one corner you have Bennett Miller, who made his directorial debut with Capote in 2005, and in the other there's Marc Webb, who made his own directorial debut this summer with 500 Days of Summer.

You've got flashy vs. quiet, hip vs. traditional, and maybe most importantly, real life vs. arch romance. If we're judging each director on the one film they've made, how do we figure out which would be best? Brad Pitt has remained attached to the project even after Soderbergh bounced, and is apparently now sitting on a throne somewhere, handpicking the director he'll work with. Webb is obviously the hot property right now, but Miller has the Oscar nomination, and the real-life story cred-- Moneyball, you'll remember, is about the true story of the Oakland A's and a baseball statistician who helped their success. Neither will likely make a movie as weird as the one Soderbergh was going for, but that's exactly what Sony wants apparently. Anyone interested in seeing a good movie probably doesn't need to have a dog in this fight-- either choice will likely be a good one.

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