Billy Crystal and Bette Midler are already two reasons to look forward the upcoming comedy Us & Them, which is being directed by Andy Fickman. The two are set to play a couple tasked to watch their grandchildren and in the process, they attempt to understand their modern ways. Adding to the film’s already excellent cast appeal is Marisa Tomei.

There doesn’t seem to be any shortage of work for Marisa Tomei these days. Her recent credits include Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Lincoln Lawyer, and the upcoming The Ides of March, which hits theaters in next month. Now, according to Variety, Tomei has been tapped to flex her comedic muscles once again for Us & Them.

As Midler and Crystal's characters attempt to bond with their grandchildren, they will also be looking for a way back into the life of their estranged daughter’s life. Tomei will play Alice, their daughter, and presumably the mother of the grandkids, one of which will be played by Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’s Bailey Madison.

Tomei’s proven over the course of her career that she can handle a dramatic role as well as she can a comedic one. Alice sounds like she’ll be a little bit of both. With Tomei joining the cast, Us & Them is shaping up to look like a pretty solid comedy.

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