With all the news flying around this week about Sam Raimi directing Oz:Great and Powerful, and Glee's Lea Michele voicing Dorothy in the animated Dorothy of Oz, you guys have got to be getting pretty sick of hearing about the girl from Kansas and her unlikely cohorts. Alas, there is yet another film taking place around Emerald City and the HeyUGuys blog across the pond has the scoop.

This film, simply titled Oz, is hardly more than a rumor, but a brief video (which looks a bit like some test footage or pitch material) tells us that Mark and Michael Polish are working on getting this one going. Chris Gore of Film Threat fame posted a link to the video on his Twitter account, a video you should probably watch quickly just in case this isn't something we're supposed to know about yet.

Oz seems to be more along the lines of a remake than a prequel (Oz: Great and Powerful) or a sequel (Dorothy of Oz) meaning that next year we're going to see an entire new take on the world we've known for 71 years.

I must emphasize that for now, although the video is very convincing, we'll have to hold this at rumor status. Nothing has been confirmed even a little so don't hate us if this turns out to be total farce.

So how about it, Blenditos? Are you excited for any of these three films, or would you rather just have the immortal 1939 film be left alone? Sound off in the comments below.

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