Stop the presses. It sounds like Mark Wahlberg is lining up another project in which he’d play a law enforcement officer in a crime thriller. Add it to a growing list on the actor’s resume that includes The Good Guys, The Departed, We Own the Night, Max Payne … you get the idea.

In fact, Wahlberg’s Max Payne sounds the closest in scope and tone to Broken City, a noir-inspired police procedural that has lured the Oscar-nominated A-lister as well as director Allen Hughes, according to Deadline. The story would follow a former cop turned private detective (Wahlberg) who is hired to tail the mayor’s wife because he suspects that she’s cheating. However, when the spouse ends up dead, the private eye begins investigating the politician, unearthing a massive real-estate scandal that no doubt goes to all the way up the ladder to the highest-ranking government officials. At least, if the screenwriter watched Chinatown, that’s what will happen.

We’re not trying to bang on Wahlberg for playing cops. He brings a blue-collar toughness to virtually every role he accepts, and he has figured out how to put new spins on classic cop archetypes in his parts. He’s probably funnier in The Departed than he is in The Other Guys, even though the former’s a drama and the latter’s a comedy.

I’m more interested to see what Hughes can bring to the table, having helmed noir-ish dramas in From Hell and the underrated Book of Eli with Denzel Washington. According to the report, Allen would direct Broken City without his brother, Albert, so we might be able to see what he can do on his own. Or, on the flip side, the siblings could reunite before filming eventually begins because the picture’s in a very early stage of development.

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