Even though we don't yet know any of the names that will be part of the Green Lantern cast beyond Ryan Reynolds in the lead role, director Martin Campbell isn't wasting any time getting the below-the-line talent assembled. Superhero Hype is reporting that many of the key crew members are already on board, and there's no lack of Oscars among them. DP Dion Beebe won a statue for his work with Rob Marshall on Memoirs of a Geisha, while production designer Grant Major and costume designer Ngila Dickson were both winners for Return of the King.

Perhaps the most exciting crew member, though, is the one who hasn't won an Oscar-- Francois Audouy just finished doing concept art for Avatar, and was also the art director for Watchmen and the first Transformers, movies that may have their flaws but look great throughout.

Of course talented people working on the set don't guarantee a good movie, but Campbell's commitment to bringing in good people-- and the studio's commitment to paying for them-- indicates an intended level of quality for The Green Lantern that's promising. Once they start casting more people and we can actually see what they're up to, we'll know a lot more for sure.

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