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Martin Scorsese isn't usually a guy we hear spitballing about his dream casting for such and such a project, mostly because he tends to keep these things to himself. But somehow the national Indian newspaper The Hindu (via The Playlist) caught up with him on publicity rounds for Shutter Island in that country, and they got him to speculate on who might be joining him on his long-planned Frank Sinatra biopic.

We suspected for a while that Scorsese's favorite son Leonardo DiCaprio was a strong contender to play Ol' Blue Eyes in his younger years, but Scorsese said "I'm yet to spot the actor who can bring back Frank Sinatra alive on screen." His best guess though? "My choice is Al Pacino, and Robert De Niro as Dean Martin." Obviously that's the kind of dream tag-team casting that pretty much anyone would jump for, and Scorsese is canny enough to suggest that kind of thing simply as a way to drum up interest in the project. But he's not just any director fantasizing about his dream project-- he's Martin frickin' Scorsese. He could actually make this happen.

DiCaprio shouldn't count himself out just yet, though-- Scorsese acknowledged that the film will cover a large span of time in Sinatra's life, and several actors will likely be taking on the role. Can you imagine DiCaprio somehow morphing into Pacino, and either of them convincingly playing Frank Sinatra? I'm skeptical as well, but it seems safer just to trust Marty on this one and see where he goes with it. There's no word on when this movie might actually get made-- The Invention of Hugo Cabret is up next, with plenty of others on deck-- so don't get yourself too excited either way.

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