There are literally thousands of characters in the Marvel superhero universe and in recent years it's seemed as though every single one of them is being considered for a film treatment. Since 2008, when Iron Man first dropped into theaters, there has been discussions about movies for Dr. Strange, The Black Panther, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and more. So why not make a Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

As first suggested in an interview with Marvel President Kevin Feige last year, a film about the superhero team is currently in development over at Marvel Studios, according to Twitch. According to the site's sources, the project is now in "active development," though the article doesn't make mention of a script or a screenwriter. The original incarnation was set in the 31st century, where the Guardians of the Galaxy were the last remaining members of their individual species and fought against Badoon, a group of aliens dedicated to taking over our solar system. The group was first created in 1969 but brought back and reinvented in 2008 with a completely new cast of characters.

I'm all for Marvel really digging in and mining everything they have for potential movie ideas, but I'm not sure that this is the best move they can make. Say what you will about Dr. Strange being a complete unknown to those that never read comics, but at least he could potentially fit in with the Marvel's cinematic continuity while the Guardians of the Galaxy would likely require quite a bit of explanation and exposition. Basically, Guardians of the Galaxy is the movie Marvel Studios should make if in 2021 people are still clamoring for comic book movies and they know they have a completely captive audience.

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