She Wants A Kick-Ass Sitcom
Aside from her ideal ExpendaBelles, I inquired what other dream projects Bell has been batting around, and found she has a lot of big plans. She detailed:
"At the moment, I have two projects that I’m in the process of starting to develop. One is a TV show, comedy action. It would just rock my world to be kicking ass and making people laugh for a living. That sounds amazing.

And then this other movie, there’s a role for me in it, but the lead is a guy. But it’s a story that I experienced with a friend of mine and it’s a story I would love to tell. Which is something that’s become new to me in that being a producer is the difference between telling someone’s story through the character or through the fights and being able to actually pull together people to tell a story to other people. I have so many ideas now, but I think, to be honest at this point for me, I would love to do a comedy. That would be really, I’d be so excited if someone offered me a role in a comedy, or I landed a role I auditioned for."

Here's hoping we hear more on both of these projects soon.

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