Guardians Of The Galaxy

Cut to plan-making time – which takes place almost immediately after their incarceration. Rocket is the brains of the operation, and explaining to everybody how the plan is going to work. While the Raccoon explains all of the various things they will need to break into the security room, we see Groot in the background picking up said supplies. Finally Rocket talks about needing to grab a battery, which Groot does – but then Rocket further explains that it "will set off alarms so we have to get that last."

From that point there is a big action sequence that plays out, allowing all of the main characters a moment to shine. Rocket eventually shuts down all of the gravity, opening up the chance for escape, but at the last second the Guardians find themselves trapped behind a door that has just slammed shut.

To touch on the little details, David said that there is a surprising amount of range in Vin Diesel’s limited dialogue (his character can only say "I am Groot"), and that the CGI looks "AMAZING." He also praised Bradley Cooper’s voice acting for Rocket, noting that it’s just different enough from Cooper’s natural timbre that it’s not distracting. Drax reportedly speaks in Game of Thrones-esque English, but also comes from a culture that doesn’t use metaphor (leading to a funny scene where Star-Lord calls him a "thesaurus").

This has gotten me only more excited to see Guardians Of The Galaxy, and I’m glad the wait is down to just a little over three weeks. Look for it in theaters on August 1st.

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