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As the Avengers assemble and Marvel attempts to put together a new powerhouse superhero franchise, another team of people with exceptional abilities is getting together in a much quieter way. Back in April indie-friendly director Peter Sollett signed on to handle Marvel's adaptation of The Runaways, a comic book about a group of kids who discover their parents are supervillains, and who team up to avenge the wrongs of their parents.

There have been no casting announcements since then, just the vague news that the movie would shoot in the first half of next year, and now we've only learned a little more. Production Weekly has tweeted that production on The Runaways is set to begin in Los Angeles in March. That gives them a little over 7 months to rustle up a cast of young and hungry young actors who are dying to be superheroes but didn't get cast in X-Men: First Class. Josh Hutcherson, your chance to wear tights and fight crime may have arrived at last.

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