Director John Woo, the man who can make really great action or really bad drama has signed on to direct and produce his new project....spitting on my childhood and raping Dolph Lundgren of another guilty pleasure.

Woo has signed on to remake/reinvision/blah blah blah a new movie based on “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe”. The first animated series debuted 21 years ago and four years after that came the 1987 film (which I proudly saw in theatres) Masters of the Universe starring Frank Langella, Dolph Lundgren, and Courtney Cox.

Maybe this revision might be a good thing I mean we might get Orco, Battlecat, Merman, and other characters that weren’t in that sci-fi ‘87 flick. Who knows? No word on who is attached to don the furry boots and bondage shirt when, when Woo will start filming the He-Man flick, or whether or not He-Man will walk and shoot two hand guns simultaneously while doves fly in slow motion.

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