Matt Damon is a busy dude. He currently has six movies that have either been completed or are in post-production and has six more that are currently in development. Apparently he likes this whole "actor" business. While I will rarely say no to more Matt Damon movies, the man might want to see a psychiatrist about being a workaholic as he's now ready to throw a seventh film on the pile.

Variety reports that Damon is currently in talks for the lead in Cameron Crowe's We Bought A Zoo. In the film, Damon would play Benjamin Mee, the author of the memoir the movie is based on. After the death of his wife, Mee and his family decide to buy a small zoo in the English countryside where they would live and work. After gathering a bunch of animals, including an African lion, a wolf, a tapir, and a jaguar, the family uses the zoo to both grow together and find a way to move their recent tragedy.

Though he did put on a British accent for Terry Gilliam's The Brothers Grimm, it's strange that they wouldn't go for a British actor in the role. With a release date set for December 23 2011, it's pretty clear that they are looking for Oscar attention with this film and you don't want audiences spending the whole time picking apart Damon's inflections. Then again, this is Matt Damon we're talking about. Aren't we willing to believe him in any role at this point?

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