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Who would’ve thought that Ben Affleck would turn out to be an above average director? Out of the two very similar Denis Lehane adapted films, Gone Baby Gone and Mytic River, I much prefer Affleck’s Gone Baby Gone. It has a much more realistic feel to it, and it’s far more engaging. So if Affleck can pull it off, maybe his BFF can too.

According to Contactmusic, Matt Damon is very interested in directing a film of his own. The site quotes Matt as saying that he “can't wait to direct. I choose my movies based on the director and so I've been treating the last 12 years like a film school.” He went on to say, "All the directors I've worked with have been very tolerant of my questions. The next step is for me to try it myself."

He’s not in a rush though. As you can imagine, the guy isn’t exactly hurting for work at this point. What I’d love to see is a collaboration between Affleck and Damon, perhaps a co-written screenplay with Affleck directing. Maybe now would be the perfect time for Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season.

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