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When directors reach the level of popularity that Steven Soderbergh has attained, it's almost unheard of for them to make more than one film per year, but that's exactly that Soderbergh has done, directing 15 films in the last 10 years. Considering how much strife and hard work goes into making a Hollywood film, it's actually kind of amazing that the director hasn't burned himself out yet, but if Matt Damon is to believed, Soderbergh is getting close to that edge and very serious about retiring.

Speaking with The Los Angeles Times, Damon, who is currently working with Soderbergh on his upcoming outbreak film Contagion, revealed that it won't be long until the director leaves the film world behind. According to the actor, the Ocean's 11 filmmakers wants to get out of the business at a young enough age so that he can have a second career, namely painting. Damon says that they will be doing the Liberace biopic next summer, then "he might do" The Man From U.N.C.L.E. with George Clooney before calling it a day. Said Damon,
"He's kind of exhausted with everything that interested him in terms of form. He’s not interested in telling stories. Cinema interested him in terms of form and that’s it. He says, 'If I see another over-the-shoulder shot, I’m going to blow my brains out.' "

This isn't the first time that Soderbergh has talked about retirement, but while I suppose it's better for him to get out before he grows to hate the medium, I must say that he will be sorely missed. He is easily one of the better directors working today and while not all of his projects are perfect, I've always left feeling entertained. Here's hoping that something happens on the set of his next two movies that reinvigorates his passion for the medium and we get to keep him around for years to come.