Foreign film fans, movie geeks, vampire geeks, and well, pretty much everyone has been freaking out since we learned last fall that Cloverfield director Matt Reeves was planning a remake of Tomas Alfredson's chilly, lyrical movie Let the Right One In. We all assumed, maybe a bit hysterically, that an American director would never keep the movie's quirky creepiness, and would probably spend all its time just trying to cash in on Twilight instead.

And yeah, Matt Reeves gets it. Talking to The L.A. Times, he recognized that not a lot of people have been excited to hear about his movie. "I can understand because of people's' love of the [original] film that there's this cynicism that I'll come in and trash it, when in fact I have nothing but respect for the film," he said. "I'm so drawn to it for personal and not mercenary reasons, my feeling about it is if I didn't feel a personal connection and feel it could be its own film, I wouldn't be doing it. I hope people give us a chance."

And it sounds, based on a few details of the film's development, that he's at least going into it with the right idea. He's casting kids, for one, not bodice-ripping teenagers a la Twilight, and is setting the film in Colorado to mimic the snowy Swedish look. The movie will also be set in the 80s, just like the original film, even though the period setting didn't particularly influence the story. But it's all signs that Reeves really is taking the thing seriously, even if no amount of attention to detail and reverence for the original can actually make a good film. That's the part we'll only find out later, and it's the part that makes me most nervous.

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