And obviously, the key to the movie is the relationship between Charlie and India, but what’s so fascinating and what I love about it is, when the dynamic between them is so incredibly complex. I mean, yes they have the uncle and niece thing, but there’s also a father-daughter thing in there, there’s a teacher-student...

Well, he looks like a father. I mean, Freud is jumping all over this...

Father-daughter, teacher-student, lover - to an extent, enemy,’s a very complicated thing.

Hunter, hunted.

Absolutely! So, I’m curious. How did you work with Mia in that respect?

We talked about it. And we talked about her journey. And obviously, the nature of filming is that you jump around a lot. And so, I think we worked out sort of how our arc went together, when we weren’t together and when we were together and possibly when she discovered we couldn’t really make this work together - when that was discovered. That’s the thing, she’s the smarter cookie. He’s a deviant, but each generation, they get more evolved. That was what was really interesting about it. I just loved working with her. She fucking talented and just so much fun. And I think that was one of the few times where I actually sort of understood, you know, when people say you’ve got good chemistry together. Normally, it’s like, “Yeah, we did! We learned our lines!” But with her, I think you can tell, we got on really well. I think maybe you could have stuck another lot of actors in there and given exactly the same performances, possibly. But it felt special to us because we all got on and I think that comes across on the screen really well. Jacki Weaver was part of it. I fell in love Jacki Weaver! She’s fucking hilarious.

Was it kind of weird to have such an international cast?

Bunch of Australians and Englishmen, yeah. We had two Englishmen, because obviously, we had, oh, one of my favorite characters... Have you ever seen Withnail & I?

No, no I haven’t. I know of it. It’s kind of on my shame list [laughs]. You haven’t seen Psycho, I haven’t seen Withnail & I.

He plays the sheriff, Ralph Brown. So that was just fucking brilliant, amazing.

In addition to the relationship with Mia, you also have the relationship with Evie, Nicole Kidman’s character, which it’s interesting, because as much as Charlie has his obsession with India, Evie seems to have somewhat of an obsession with Charlie.

Well, she does, because her husband sort of grew fat and was less exciting, and also he was very much about his daughter...

Absolutely, out of protection for her.

And so she hasn’t been romanced. And so effectively, you lose the person you’re in love with, because of the person you created. So, that’s their dynamic, I think, between the father, the daughter, and the child. So, you have someone who comes in, who obviously, by being a brother, looking slightly like him, that reminds her of him and Charlie utilizes that, because in some ways, it’s his sexual awakening too. He’s been “on holiday.” That’s kind of like his first kiss with Evie and I think he finds it fun. I think he knows that deep down, he’s planning to, you know, “Pack a small bag.” He knows that’s going to happen. He knows he’s going to have to rub her out. But it’s a kind of happy accident. He finds it interesting. It’s not planned. But also in a sense, he’s able to stay near India and so this is when she has a bit of, “You should probably leave, Charlie”. And then that whole scene, which ends with the dance. It’s good and twisted. I need to watch it again. It’s so much. It’s so rich. We were sitting very close to the screen, a big screen. Someone mentioned something about my name, when my name comes up. It’s placed somewhere in the frame…I don’t know what it is, but it goes around some boobs or something. Something about my surname and where it’s placed. Yeah, I should ask about that. Unlike me, everything he does is on purpose. Nothing is wasted.

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