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Rivaling the Fast and Furious franchise in furiousest titling, the upcoming Mad Max rehashing has just been extended. Fury Road, the first in the series, will be followed immediately by Mad Max: Furiosa, according to Twitch Film.

We already know that Fury Road is more of an update than a remake or sequel, taking the same character and modernizing him, although I can’t really wrap my head around how they plan to modernize that world. Tom Hardy recently dropped that knowledge during an interview, but neglected to mention that he’d be leading TWO Mad Max films rather than just the one. He’s going to be a busy guy for the next year or so, as these films are meant to be filmed back-to-back and released close together, a la the Matrix sequels.

Director George Miller will be returning for Furiosa, but there’s no word on exactly what the story has in store for us. Fury Road plot details are still tight, but now we can be sure that they’re at least not going to kill Max off until after this first movie.

Any big Mad Max fans out there excited for this? Tom Hardy should be able to step up in the role and having the original director back at the helm is inspiring, so if all goes well we should have a couple new badass Ozploitation flicks coming our way in 2011 and 2012.