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This past weekend we saw the Transformers franchise once again rear its head to create a big sensation at the box office, but it won't be long another movie based on a toy line is coming to theaters. We've been hearing rumors of a Max Steel film adaptation for years, and now it's not only getting made, but has also released a string of first look images.

Starting with the image up top, which comes to us via Moviefone, here we see Max all powered up and taking the classic superhero three-point stance. Unfortunately you can't see his face, but there are plenty of other options for that. For example, this next one. Revealed here is star Ben Winchell, who will be playing Max McGrath in the film. Borrowing story elements from the animated television series that began in 2013, the movie features Max teaming up with Steel, his robot alien buddy, who allows him to control something called TURBO Energy. Using this power he is able to become the superhero known as Max Steel.

Max Steel

So what does he look like when suited up in full costume? You can take a gander at him below:

Max Steel

Of course, Max isn't completely alone in the story of Max Steel. This next photo shows him with actress Ana Villafañe's character Sofia Martinez. While I could be wrong, I believe this is a character created specifically for the film.

Max Steel

Also in the movie is Maria Bello, who will be playing Max's mom, Molly McGrath.

Max Steel

You can see the full gallery of images over at Moviefone, but don't expect to see any shots of Andy Garcia as the mysterious Dr. Miles Edwards.

Based on a script by Christopher Yost (Thor: The Dark World) and directed by Stewart Hendler (2009's Sorority Row), Max Steel doesn't have a set release date just yet, but is expected to be in theaters some time in 2015.

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