The Ouija Board movie, which we now know will be more of an Indiana Jones-style adventure than anything tinged with the horror side of the supernatural, is on the hunt for a new director so the movie can make its planned 2012 release date. According to THR, the top two candidates are McG and Breck Eisner, who have both presented their pitches to the studio within the last few days.

McG is just finishing the action comedy This Means War and doesn't have something else lined up next, while Eisner is still planning an Escape From New York remake that hasn't yet come together (he proved his mettle with his The Crazies remake from earlier this year). Universal brought in the two directors after rejecting pitches from the likes of The Losers director Sylvain White, Legion director Scott Stewart and even the man who brought us Max Payne, John Moore. McG and Eisner both represent a step up from those directors as far as I see it, so I'm not sure if Universal has just decided they can aim higher or if maybe some script tweaks have made the project more desirable for better known directors.

The movie is set for release in under two years, on November 9, 2012, and will likely require plenty of post-production time to handle special effects. I'd like to see Eisner get the job just because I liked his The Crazies remake so much, but really, so long as McG doesn't try and go super-serious like he did for Terminator: Salvation, he'd be a fine choice as well. Either way, it's time to get moving!

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