Uh-oh. We've already written once about a new screenwriter being brought in to touch up 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, McG's take on the famed Jules Verne novel. But apparently one rewrite wasn't even enough; now THR is reporting that a third screenwriter, Randall Wallace, will take a crack at the script, perhaps in the vain hope that McG will somehow be able to pull off another hit.

I realize that lots of great scripts go through many, many passes by many writers. And thank God McG is going forward into his next movie with an actual script, as opposed to what apparently happened with Terminator: Salvation. But if it's taken three screenwriters to get this story in manageable shape, do you actually think it's a story worth telling?

I'm rooting for McG. I really am. And I want to believe that having too many cooks in this kitchen might actually turn out well. But 20,000 Leagues is really starting to reek of a cobbled-together studio effort, another movie that McG will be blamed for ruining, when it was really spoiled to begin with. I'll be happy to be proven wrong; Randall Wallace, if you're reading this, please make that happen.

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