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Media piracy in any way, shape, or form comes down to two big factors: accessibility and affordability. These two key sticking points are from where the act of piracy springs forth, and if this industry is going to claim to be serious about piracy, perhaps they should be looking at how to change the way they do business. For instance, perhaps instead of prosecuting citizens under clause upon clause of copyright law and threatening jail terms usually reserved for more serious offenses, the providers of content being pirated can consider updating their distribution method and pricing models to reflect the needs of the market.

Maybe if Snowpiercer was playing in a theater near you last summer when it came out in Korea, you wouldn't have downloaded the screener copy in August. Or, if you stuck it out long enough to see the film released into US theaters this summer, but only had one theater showing the film at 10:20 PM miles out of town, perhaps The Weinstein Company could have been more effective with their multi platform launch. A Video On Demand release on the day and date the film premiered, with a Video On Demand rental option (which goes for around $6.95 for a 24/48 hour rental) being priced more comparable to, say, a 24 hour Redbox Blu Ray rental (which only goes for $1.20 + tax a night), could have had more people contributing to their already record breaking VOD take.

Another example, going back to the Game Of Thrones analogy, is that if HBO was a little more generous with their Amazon Prime support, or even if they offered their entire HBO Go platform for a $20 a month fee (without having to actually have a subscription,) they would see their sphere of influence and monetary gain expand quite effectively. After all, not all who pirate merely want to get things for free. Some pirate because, again, the product is not accessible or affordable enough to their situation in life. There is never going to be a "total end" to piracy, but with the right avenues in place, audiences can contribute more money towards the products they're interested in, and everyone can go home happy.

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