Kelly Reichardt's new film Meek's Cutoff premiered last fall at the Toronto International Film Festival and has been making its way across the circuit since then, stopping at the New York Film Festival last fall and the Sundance Film Festival for a few days in January. Now, finally, it's preparing for a theatrical release on April 8, and the poster spotted advertising the film at Sundance is officially online. The poster, which you can see below, debuted at Cinematical, and plays off a striking image from the film in which Michelle Williams wields a shotgun and a fierce, completely unblinking gaze.

The movie is in some ways a classical Western, about a wagon train that gets lost on its way through the Oregon wilderness, and the guide-- the titular Meek, played by Bruce Greenwood-- who may be to blame. Joining Williams and Greenwood in the cast are Paul Dano, Zoe Kazan, Shirley Henderson and Will Patton. Meek's Cutoff was one of my favorite movies at Toronto last fall-- you can read my full review here--and I fully expect it to wind up on more Top Ten lists at the end of this year than just my own. Take a look at the poster below, and feel free to spend the next few months looking forward to it as much as I am.

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