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Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a lot of Toy Story veterans showing off the upcoming third film, but finally, we’re now introduced to a brand new character. In the new featurette (via Slashfilm), director Lee Unkrich walks us through the basics of Toy Story 3. It’s pretty much the same information and footage we get from the film’s trailers except for one cute but not-so-cuddly detail.

Unkrich introduces us to Mr. Pricklepants, a stuffed thespian hedgehog just trying to stay in character. He’s voiced by Timothy Dalton, who’s best known for playing James Bond in The Living Daylights and License to Kill. Other than the fact that it looks like Mr. Pricklepants will be just as lovable as the original gang, we don’t know much about him. Could he be a toy Buzz and Woody meet at the daycare center? Could the mysterious character Lotso the teddy bear be a pal of his? When will we get to see him? So many questions!

At least we’re finally in the year of the film’s release. That makes June 18th, 2010 seem less far away.

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